Of Words And Whims…

… and of other things that should be mentioned now.

The world of words that opened once –
Has held me spellbound ever, hence.
Words led to fads and whims and thoughts,
Which, again, lead to prose, poems and jots.

The title of this blog is a modified version of those famous lines from Sir Walter Scott’s Marmion. I intend no disrespect, it’s just that this version makes more sense to me.

This tiny corner of the humongous virtual world that I occupy will contain my pitiful and sporadic attempts at poetry, occasional harangues against iniquities I may observe,thoughts that certain books may have evoked and ergodic scribblings of my experiences in the world of fancies, created mostly by the words of like-minded individuals over the ages, which I inhabit, most of the time. (Believe me, it’s way better than this one. :p )

Well, do you like my writing style  so far? (Don’t be put off by the big words, they’ll be sparingly used – I promise! :p ) If so, here are links to my FanFictionSoundCloud and Instagram webpages; they hold all that I can create, in the form of writing, music and photography.

Look around(the top of the page for all the categories, the bottom for other links), and do drop a word or two (or more 😉 ) if you find anything interesting: it’ll make me feel less like I’m talking to myself  on the web(with everyone else looking on) and give you the satisfaction of having done at least one good deed for the day. 😉


About me: A bibliophile since the age of eight, I’m a software developer by full daylight, a classical singer when it strikes seven in the evening, a day-dreamer whenever on the move, a writer at dawn or midnight, when words won’t let me sleep …and an amateur photographer, when even words aren’t enough.  My writing style ranges anywhere between idealistically, enthusiastically optimistic to pessimistically, dispiritedly cynical – with a good dash of sarcasm, irony, drama or humor thrown in, as needed. Being partial to witty conversation, I’m ever on the search for kindred spirits who’ve been thinking the same things I’ve been writing. Are you one? 🙂


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