“It’s good to be alive!”

Somewhere in the series chronicling Anne Shirley’s life, I remember reading Anne saying something along the lines of “Isn’t it good to be alive in such a beautiful world?”, and whenever I’m feeling at the top of the world, I find myself echoing the same sentiment.

There are days when everything seems to go right, and Dame Fortune seems to be smiling on everything we do. Equally and conversely, there are days which are disastrous and bad luck seems to plague us at every step. But these are extremes.  On  most days which pass,nothing happens, when time stretches  ahead  and lethargy sinks in, and we feel restless and  dissatisfied with everything. And those days are when we can  try to appreciate and enjoy life around us, when we’re not in the  throes of excitement or despair.

After many long, cloudy, oppressive days, doesn’t seeing the sun shine seem like an awakening even for us? I find myself appreciating the way the sun lights up everything – the brown mud, the grey concrete, green leaves, red flowers – in a way artificial lights never seem to, as though bringing out all the hidden hues and enhancing them. While listening to songs on the music player – while sitting in the bus, or walking on the pavement –  haven’t you felt like the words were, are, meant for you ? Like you’re the person in the song, and the beats buoy you along till you feel like breaking into a jig right where you are? Or saving up to buy something, when every cent that’s adding up to your hoard gives you more joy – of anticipation – than the actual thing you plan to buy with it? Savoring the sweetness of chocolate as it melts in your mouth, having a long drink of water when your throat’s parched, resting your head on a soft pillow after a long, physically exhausting day… Simple pleasures, if you will, but these are what make every moment of life worth living and make us thankful, for just being alive, and being able to know happiness.


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