The Pimple That Launched A Thousand Cures

I yawn as I rub my eyes, and open my eyes to a new day. It’s a normal weekday, and as I brush my teeth, I look cursorily into  the mirror, and do a double take. My nose is shiny and pink. Pink?? I go all,‘Oh no,no no no no no no no.This is bad, very, very bad ‘ ,unconsciously imitating Flynn Rider in Tangled. Right now my nose resembles that of Rudolph the reindeer, but I know it won’t be long before it turns from being pink to being a pimple.

Believe me, I’ve had enough experience battling these blights on my complexion- blame them on hormones or heritage, they’ve plagued me no end since I entered teenage. As a friend put it the other day, I have a face like a baby’s – babies are pink and white-the “pink” on my face being these accursed blemishes!!(It’s NOT funny!)  Or, in my current state, I seem to look as though I’ve been weeping my heart out and rubbing my nose raw (or as if someone’s bitten my nose, but that’s an analogy I’d rather not use -_-)

And, being right on my face, they’ve made me the object of solicitude of not only my acquaintances, but strangers as well. For example, I meet someone, and they ask me, “Do you know you have a pimple on your nose?”, as if it was a fly that sat down there, and I hadn’t noticed. Or I’ll be out shopping with my parents, and the clerk tells my mother about his sister who was similarly afflicted, and the ointment which supposedly cured her (but which doesn’t work on me!). Or a gypsy-like lady in the bus promises me her medicine will clear my face, won’t I just try it? The whole experience was enough to make me feel that covering my face with a veil, while interacting with the world, might not be such a bad option!

But they’ve certainly taught me how compassionate people can be.  People may or may not compliment you when you’re looking good, but they certainly speak up when you’re looking sick(ly).Everyone who notices the zits, also offers advice on what they think is THE medicine which will definitely cure it, but I smile politely, and take it as the suggestion it is- if I followed all that I heard, my face would probably resemble the moon (with the largest craters).

Well, I don’t know when I’ll finally be rid of this menace (yes, I know I should put up photos to increase this post’s popularity, but I totally draw the line at subjecting my poor beleaguered visage to more scrutiny), but till then, to all fellow sufferers – Keep hope alive!

P.S: And worry not, for when even hope doesn’t exist, we’ll still have Photoshop! 😉


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