A True Friend

A wish arises,in every heart,
To find someone,with whom to share
One who never has to depart
Leaving bitter-sweet memories rare.

One whose presence means solace
To an aching heart filled with loneliness.
One who can bring a smile to one’s face
Replacing boredom by happy merriness.

One whose words always condole
In moments of loss and sorrow,
One whose loyalty is ours whole
Which none can steal, beg or borrow.

One whose company never ever bores
Even in total unbroken silence
One who understands so well,yet loves-
Us,with all our faults and weakness.

One with whom we can freely squabble,
Fight and make amends with no bitterness
Who wishes us well even during quarrels
Caring more for our ultimate happiness.

One who points our faults to our face
But in public, does nothing but praise,
One who truly companions our souls
In this journey on Earth,to achieve our goals.

Written by:
Me -_-


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