The King’s Daughter

An old king had a pretty daughter,
Who was full of a curious laughter
Those who heard it,went into a trance,
And in a fit of mirth,they would dance!

People came from far and wide,
To see this miracle before their eyes.
The lady would laugh,all the more,
But a day came when her throat went sore.

After that she could hardly talk,
And fell so sick she couldn’t walk.
The king announced if cure be found,
The person could have the land he owned.

Young men came,full of hope.
Luck failed them,they left in a mope.
The lady never smiled for many a day
Till at last there came a man with a pray.

He was poor and tired of poverty,
He wanted money to prove himself mighty.
But all the same,he was very wise,
He looked at the princess,into her eyes.

He could very well see her sadness,
She,who made others happy,wanted gladness.
Thinking of this he laughed and laughed,
He laughed till he cried and began to cough.

Staring at him, the girl felt a twinge,
It started in her stomach and left her being
Filled with joy and mirth so high,
She burst out laughing as though she would die!

There was lot of fun and great rejoicing,
The king gave his kingdom to the man,adding-
A greater gift – the hand of his darling.
They lived happily,sharing and caring.

Written By:
Me 🙂


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