Teenage Woes

Lost in the pleasant world of dreams,
I’m brought to harsh reality,
I open my eyes and before me, see
A girl sitting, weeping quietly.

Wondering how she got in, I –
Place my hand on her shoulder.
Startled, she lifts her head high,
Shit! It’s me when I was younger!

How am I here, I think wildly,
Has my sanity broken apart?
Is she the Ghost of my Diwali
Past – Scrooge’s Ghost’s counterpart?

I see she knows me not, so
I ask her, “Why d’you cry so hard?
Have you lost someone you know
Or did someone break your heart?”

“Oh, my troubles are so many,”
She cries, tears flowing freely,
“My parents don’t understand me,
And my sister drives me crazy!”

Surprised now, I stare at her,
She seems to me hysteric,
I reflect back – When I was her,
Was I really this melodramatic?

Then I think – She’s in her teens,
Her emotions going haywire,
“It’s not as bad as it seems”,
I say, just to pacify her.

“You don’t  know half about it”,
She cries, “You adults are all the same,
Acting so smug and despotic,
Just ‘coz you’ve passed my age!”

She remains weeping, I drift away,
For I find I’m only a spirit,
Helplessly, I remember wasted days,
For which others deserve no credit.

Now I wake in truth to see,
My sister ranting before me,
About the unfairness of life,
How she stirs no one’s empathy.

And foolishly I tell her,
“You’ll be okay, it’s temporary,
They do like you, never fear,
So quit feeling solitary.”

But she shouts, “You know nothing –
Of what I feel; stop advising,
Just because you’ve passed my age,
Doesn’t mean you are all-knowing!”

I shrug and leave her to her gloom,
Imagined despair and misery,
Maybe those with nothing to mourn,
So spend ages, eyes teary.

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