In manner, a caterpillar born,
Gobbled up knowledge like food,
Saw the world, new things did learn,
More than (for sanity) was good.

Curiosity may not have killed the cat,
But had certainly created a cynic,
Knowing all, yet knew not that,
Wisdom, before time, is catastrophic.

Content, with what seemed ample reason,
Blocked new thoughts, barred variation.
Did oppose all hints of moving forward,
In a chrysalis dwelled, mind focussed inward.

Cocooned, a shell of preconception,
A coil of one’s own making.
Logic clouded, biased opinion,
Oblivious of the harm resulting.

And soon darkness did oppress,
Life – a cage encased in black,
Chained by shadows of hope suppressed,
In despair of finding minds alike.

For, so long lost in one’s own world,
The way to the surface forgotten,
Doomed to endure pain, blindness unfurled,
In a closed mind, of ill- formed notions.

To break free of exile, self-imposed,
Strove so hard for the answer- disclosed
At last, when the mind learnt to be open,
Accepted change, the only state eternal.

Then out did fly, into the world,
The world in turn, embraced.
The past, a merciful blur,
Reawakened, to a new existence.

– Me -_-


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