Sisterhood celebrated

Both born under the same star,
In mind twin-like, though years apart,
A closeness, which age couldn’t bar,
In truth sisters, but friends from the start.

Through years of bitter words and fights,
Quarrelling for petty ownership rights,
Through games of houses and schools and dolls,
Our laughter rang in our home’s halls.

When you were good, I was not,
In between our poor parents caught,
Among us, as far as they could see,
Only one good person there could be.

Memories of tales carried and told,
Memories of petty blackmail unfold.
Now friends, now foes, now uneasy truce,
Deals made, then broken, and hell let loose!

Yet, late at night, dreams did share
Hopes, secrets and fears laid bare,
Tears of joy and sorrow wept
On shoulders there, when most bereft.

Amidst strangers, with you beside
Courage to smile and keep head high
To have secret codes and jokes together
A companion rivalled by no other.

You, who were that troublesome brat,
Then sibling, rival and confidante,
With you, life seen at its best and worst,
Sister, yes, but best friend first. 🙂

–  Me 🙂

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