Open Your Eyes

It’s a cold, damp day, the wind blusteringly announcing the onset of winter. Safe in the warm confines of my house, I look outside and observe the wind trying, vainly, to find a weak point in the structure, to enter and cause havoc. I’m lost in deep contemplation of the mysteries of life, the workings of fate and the secrets of the universe, which is why it takes a considerable amount of time for the consciousness of my surroundings to sink in, and for me to realize that the object upon which my eyes have been fixed, has been unblinkingly staring back for the same period. My interest aroused, I observe that she (I take a certain liberty here, in stating fancy as fact, as will become evident later.) shivers in the cold, and I’m drawn by a feeling of pity and some curiosity, into peering more closely out of the window which separates us. All that I can see is her profile; she watches me out of the corner of her eyes, and I hope against hope that I can understand her unspoken words. For no apparent reason, she turns away suddenly, and I move closer cautiously. Her proud back quivers, and I see her hands clutching a branch for support. I wish to offer comfort and shelter, if she will accept, but my wishes are in vain. An extraordinarily strong gust of wind makes me blink, and in that instant, she has disappeared.

Moral of the story: An idle mind leads to much ado about nothing.

P.S: If you haven’t guessed, the subject of the above is shown below.

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