Wide-eyed wonder and unconcern
Odd things to see, stranger to learn.
To wander in, and roundabout,
Free to ramble, nowhere bound.

Curious Alice, young and blithe,
Whither is she headed, tonight?
A toss of the head, a skip and jump,
To Wonderland once more she’s come.

Creatures abound, in eerie parody,
With a peculiar vocabulary,
Rules of a dream – if dream it be –
Shifting on each passing fancy.

Ask the wind blowing from hither to there,
Is there enchantment to be found somewhere?
Fanciful, wonderful, brilliant magic –
Crazy and zany and without logic.

Then pray, that so blessed could you be,
That, someday, you would get to see,
Those wonders read and dreamed about,
With every hope craved and sought out.

Written By :

P.S : When I was unreasonably and extremely obsessed with Alice in Wonderland : The Movie.


2 thoughts on “Wonderland

  1. I’m back 🙂 🙂 Long time no see 😀 .. sorry i had been for a long vacation to the vatican.. Wonderful post.. i love the way you write 🙂
    Stephen Mathew.
    Naam Tho Sunaa Hoga (muhahahah) 😉

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