Open Your Eyes

It’s a cold, damp day, the wind blusteringly announcing the onset of winter. Safe in the warm confines of my house, I look outside and observe the wind trying, vainly, to find a weak point in the structure, to enter and cause havoc. I’m lost in deep contemplation of the mysteries of life, the workings of fate and the secrets of the universe, which is why it takes a considerable amount of time for the consciousness of my surroundings to sink in, and for me to realize that the object upon which my eyes have been fixed, has been unblinkingly staring back for the same period. My interest aroused, I observe that she (I take a certain liberty here, in stating fancy as fact, as will become evident later.) shivers in the cold, and I’m drawn by a feeling of pity and some curiosity, into peering more closely out of the window which separates us. All that I can see is her profile; she watches me out of the corner of her eyes, and I hope against hope that I can understand her unspoken words. For no apparent reason, she turns away suddenly, and I move closer cautiously. Her proud back quivers, and I see her hands clutching a branch for support. I wish to offer comfort and shelter, if she will accept, but my wishes are in vain. An extraordinarily strong gust of wind makes me blink, and in that instant, she has disappeared.

Moral of the story: An idle mind leads to much ado about nothing.

P.S: If you haven’t guessed, the subject of the above is shown below.


Thank you! :)

Just had another experience which taught me how such small things can lift one’s spirits when one’s feeling out of sorts. I was randomly going through some old websites I used to browse through, and I came across something I’d posted and forgotten about, in, two years back, when Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince movie was released. On my views about the movies, I’d written,

It has been nearly 3 yrs now since Deathly Hallows released and yet I cant believe the deaths of all those beloved characters in the last 2 books. After Deathly Hallows I could not bring myself to read the first 5 books again, every new character, every joke shared, every new joy reminded me of the losses which would be incurred later. It seems silly, after all, Harry Potter was just a book, a series, fiction! And yet, I dont think any of us here will ever call J.K Rowling’s creation JUST a book. Somehow the movies have never sufficiently managed to capture the magic for me, for I suppose our imaginations are never alike. But hopefully they will continue to keep up the spirit of the wizarding world alive always, so it acts as a solace even to us Muggles!

And I saw the post following mine today, and Siena, from Nottingham, UK, had written,

Maithri I totally agree! I know David Haber said somewhere that we can always reanimate those characters who died by opening an earlier volume or chapter of the series and they would start breathing again for us. As much as I would love this to be true I am afraid it isn’t for me. i think the only persons for whom the characters are still alive are those who haven’t yet opened “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”… and how do I envy them! This moment when Harry breaks through the barrier between platform 9 and 10 is such a milestone – lucky you whose journey lies still ahead! The film actually covers this scene beautifully.
And no, Maithri, it doesn’t seem silly at all – the books are part of all uf us who took the ride with Harry.

And I felt so absurdly happy to discover anew that one can have “kindred spirits” across the world, and know the feeling when someone echoes one’s thoughts exactly!

Thank you Siena (wherever you are now), you made my day!  

P.S: Yes, I know it seems overly optimistic to expect the message to reach her, but I’m sure that she’ll get a bit of happiness from somewhere or the other, ‘coz isn’t it nice to think that the universe ultimately passes on all prayers,blessings ,and thank you’s to the right destination? ( And fulfils the first law of thermodynamics that way, as well. -_-)