Bedtime Reflections


Lamp-lit shadows, a silent world,
A vista that twilight unfurled,
Soft and slow these fancies creep,
As tired eyes struggle for sleep.

Half-thought whims, memories of today,
Keep that elusive dreamland at bay,
A to-do list or a haunting song –
The words of which are remembered wrong.

Some idea that seems to guarantee –
Success, so convincingly,
The clause, alas! that weary feet –
Must get up now, to follow suite.

Else a half-forgotten story,
So suspenseful, or so gory,
That threatens a quiet, tranquil mind
Through imagined horrors of every kind.

Till weary eyelids finally blink –
One last time, only to sink
Into that blessed, restful sleep,
Which the worthy merit, and the wretched seek.

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Wide-eyed wonder and unconcern
Odd things to see, stranger to learn.
To wander in, and roundabout,
Free to ramble, nowhere bound.

Curious Alice, young and blithe,
Whither is she headed, tonight?
A toss of the head, a skip and jump,
To Wonderland once more she’s come.

Creatures abound, in eerie parody,
With a peculiar vocabulary,
Rules of a dream – if dream it be –
Shifting on each passing fancy.

Ask the wind blowing from hither to there,
Is there enchantment to be found somewhere?
Fanciful, wonderful, brilliant magic –
Crazy and zany and without logic.

Then pray, that so blessed could you be,
That, someday, you would get to see,
Those wonders read and dreamed about,
With every hope craved and sought out.

Written By :

P.S : When I was unreasonably and extremely obsessed with Alice in Wonderland : The Movie.

Springtime Madness

Wild impulses, unbridled glee,
A singing heart, mind soaring free,
Joy, that has no end or birth,
Elation spilling o’er as bubbling mirth.
Laughter filled days, ennui forgotten,
Fresh, new ideas cropping up unbidden,
A deluge of feeling that makes one long –
To dance a jig, break into a song.
What is this causeless, annual gladness?
I think of it as springtime madness.

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In Search Of Magic

At the start, it seemed so simple,
All that which – unexplained, unknown,
Mysterious, strange and a riddle –
Was by the name of magic known.

The answer to questions galore,
Like – why are leaves shaped so?
Because they are pieces left o’er
From making clothes for fairy folk.

Then, it was easy to believe,
Guarding their secret gifts and art,
Those little people, so hard to perceive,
Could yet be seen, by chance or hazard.

Fairy, gnome, elf and dwarf
Made magic using spell and charm,
Mage, sorcerer, witch and wizard,
Ruled and dictated magical norm.

A change – then Muggle was I,
Magic became a defined science,
To remain unlearnt through toil of mine,
A knowledge – to be a longing hence.

Then, magic needed no word or wand,
Special powers were a given,
If a god was your dad,
And to non-demigods, magic forbidden.

And then, again, it seemed to change,
Till I knew not what to believe,
A plant in human camouflage,
Was a fairy – if Y changed to E.

It was all just myth, it seemed,
Magic was naught but science advanced,
And that unknown power demeaned,
Called fiction, coincidence and chance.

Wishful thinking, though it may seem,
I’ve never truly stopped believing,
That a talking beaver, or flying team,
May yet appear, to keep the faith thriving.

Written By:
Yours Truly.

Indolent Protest

I sit and wonder why my mother says,
‘Be truthful, kind and good always.’
When it seems that everybody tries
To convince me that easier is vice.

I sit and wonder why teachers taught
That morals were worthy; weakness to be fought
When it seems that the real world prefers
To treat them as tales for children’s ears.

I sit and wonder why those stories heard,
Spoke of truth triumphing all,
When it seems that the rest of the herd,
Have given up and let evil befall.

I sit and wonder why I sit and wonder,
What help will only thoughts render?
When it seems that the few who do think so
Do naught but quietly sit and mourn.

Written By-

Sisterhood celebrated

Both born under the same star,
In mind twin-like, though years apart,
A closeness, which age couldn’t bar,
In truth sisters, but friends from the start.

Through years of bitter words and fights,
Quarrelling for petty ownership rights,
Through games of houses and schools and dolls,
Our laughter rang in our home’s halls.

When you were good, I was not,
In between our poor parents caught,
Among us, as far as they could see,
Only one good person there could be.

Memories of tales carried and told,
Memories of petty blackmail unfold.
Now friends, now foes, now uneasy truce,
Deals made, then broken, and hell let loose!

Yet, late at night, dreams did share
Hopes, secrets and fears laid bare,
Tears of joy and sorrow wept
On shoulders there, when most bereft.

Amidst strangers, with you beside
Courage to smile and keep head high
To have secret codes and jokes together
A companion rivalled by no other.

You, who were that troublesome brat,
Then sibling, rival and confidante,
With you, life seen at its best and worst,
Sister, yes, but best friend first. 🙂

–  Me 🙂


In manner, a caterpillar born,
Gobbled up knowledge like food,
Saw the world, new things did learn,
More than (for sanity) was good.

Curiosity may not have killed the cat,
But had certainly created a cynic,
Knowing all, yet knew not that,
Wisdom, before time, is catastrophic.

Content, with what seemed ample reason,
Blocked new thoughts, barred variation.
Did oppose all hints of moving forward,
In a chrysalis dwelled, mind focussed inward.

Cocooned, a shell of preconception,
A coil of one’s own making.
Logic clouded, biased opinion,
Oblivious of the harm resulting.

And soon darkness did oppress,
Life – a cage encased in black,
Chained by shadows of hope suppressed,
In despair of finding minds alike.

For, so long lost in one’s own world,
The way to the surface forgotten,
Doomed to endure pain, blindness unfurled,
In a closed mind, of ill- formed notions.

To break free of exile, self-imposed,
Strove so hard for the answer- disclosed
At last, when the mind learnt to be open,
Accepted change, the only state eternal.

Then out did fly, into the world,
The world in turn, embraced.
The past, a merciful blur,
Reawakened, to a new existence.

– Me -_-

College Memories

Out of school, and on to work,
In between which cannot be shirked
College- that professional mentor,
Spewing experts- left,right and centre.

A crowd of many castes and races,
United defying the administration,
Then strangers, now all well-known faces
Spectators,but imparting life’s lessons.

A time of growing up – abating,
Once bliss, once dull, once seems heralding
That day, at last ,when we’ll gain control,
And be sober, adult and rational.

For now together, by laughs bonded,
Due to scatter, as life’s decided,
But preserved forever, in the heart’s gallery,
To be cherished always, as a sweet memory.  ^_^


The King’s Daughter

An old king had a pretty daughter,
Who was full of a curious laughter
Those who heard it,went into a trance,
And in a fit of mirth,they would dance!

People came from far and wide,
To see this miracle before their eyes.
The lady would laugh,all the more,
But a day came when her throat went sore.

After that she could hardly talk,
And fell so sick she couldn’t walk.
The king announced if cure be found,
The person could have the land he owned.

Young men came,full of hope.
Luck failed them,they left in a mope.
The lady never smiled for many a day
Till at last there came a man with a pray.

He was poor and tired of poverty,
He wanted money to prove himself mighty.
But all the same,he was very wise,
He looked at the princess,into her eyes.

He could very well see her sadness,
She,who made others happy,wanted gladness.
Thinking of this he laughed and laughed,
He laughed till he cried and began to cough.

Staring at him, the girl felt a twinge,
It started in her stomach and left her being
Filled with joy and mirth so high,
She burst out laughing as though she would die!

There was lot of fun and great rejoicing,
The king gave his kingdom to the man,adding-
A greater gift – the hand of his darling.
They lived happily,sharing and caring.

Written By:
Me 🙂

A True Friend

A wish arises,in every heart,
To find someone,with whom to share
One who never has to depart
Leaving bitter-sweet memories rare.

One whose presence means solace
To an aching heart filled with loneliness.
One who can bring a smile to one’s face
Replacing boredom by happy merriness.

One whose words always condole
In moments of loss and sorrow,
One whose loyalty is ours whole
Which none can steal, beg or borrow.

One whose company never ever bores
Even in total unbroken silence
One who understands so well,yet loves-
Us,with all our faults and weakness.

One with whom we can freely squabble,
Fight and make amends with no bitterness
Who wishes us well even during quarrels
Caring more for our ultimate happiness.

One who points our faults to our face
But in public, does nothing but praise,
One who truly companions our souls
In this journey on Earth,to achieve our goals.

Written by:
Me -_-