Where words leave off, music begins

Songs are such strange things, aren’t they?

Some are mere wisps of sound flowing with the wind – to be heard, enjoyed and forgotten.

Some are acquired interests, growing on one with repeated listening, even though you might have wanted to throw something at the speaker on the first hearing.

Some don’t allow you to rest as mere audience, compelling you to hum along with the tune, dance a step or even headbang to the rhythm of the music.

Some have the power to enthrall you from the very first note, raising goosebumps – as your whole being seems to vibrate with their power – becoming obsessions, to be heard again and again. And again.

Songs, whether they seem to fit into one, or all, of the above inadequate categories, have this in common:
They never fail to re-kindle at least a little spark of magic in this seemingly-humdrum world of ours.