Around the world..

Travel. I’m going to pontificate on this subject now, and being neither a seasoned    globe-trotter nor a cosmopolite, my meagre knowledge only allows me to hold forth  on my feelings and opinions, based on my experiences, and does not extend to  useful information. You have been warned.

Captured in a pocket of time, when the real world one lives in seems far away, with  the knowledge that the present is temporary and the only constant being  movement. The feeling of momentarily having been dropped into another’s life, when so many small details and thoughts are brought to one’s notice, which are otherwise lost in the hectic humdrum of daily life, which make us think, wonder and grow.

The widening of horizons, meeting new people, learning something new – a respite from one’s life, needed to rejuvenate interest in the same. A fleeting feeling of time unmoving, of senses overloaded with sensation, and experiences stuffed into a small, immeasurable bit of time, which seems a gift to be cherished, for all the good memories it leaves, and the lessons it teaches. Haven’t you felt it too?

Whenever you begin – at dawn, or at dusk, at the end of a week or the start of vacation – haven’t you felt that spark of anticipation, excitement, at the beginning of a holiday, buoyed up by the hope of good things to come? On foot, by air, by sea or by land; by ship, by plane, by bus or by tram – doesn’t a journey seem so much more pleasant than the destination?

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake.The great affair is to move.” said Robert Louis Stevenson.

I agree.
(Isn’t that just so condescending of me? ;D Like it matters if I do or not!)


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